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Fact Not Fiction Films’ most recent feature, “A Dark Reflection” To Reveal Aviation’s Darkest Secret At The American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica

Horsham, United Kingdom - The recent Virgin Galactic tragedy, like the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003, have again raised the questions ’Were these accidents preventable? Who knew the risks?’

Fact Not Fiction Films’ most recent feature, “A Dark Reflection” screenings today, November 7th and tomorrow November 8th at AFM, conveys a truth regarding passenger air travel amongst the major airlines. Based on actual events, this film tells a compelling story that raises awareness regarding the air quality made available to captive airline passengers. A truth that was endorsed in the High Court of Australia in 2010 when Joanne Turner won her 18-year fight for justice, resulting in compensation for injuries due to her exposure to toxic chemicals onboard a commercial jetliner.

The filmmaker contends that airlines, and their bosses, have withheld the truth for decades that passengers have been exposed to toxic chemicals onboard aircraft. This issue is one that the filmmaker, and others, have repeatedly communicated to the airlines, “So the airlines can never claim that they didn’t know”, begins former British Airways captain, Director and Producer Tristan Loraine of “A Dark Reflection”.

As a former British Airways captain, Tristan delivers an investigative thriller about two British journalists, who whilst investigating a hushed up in-flight safety incident, discover aviation’s biggest cover-up. Spurned by real events, this independent feature ultimately pits corporate profit against the public’s safety, and as a surprise to those who have researched the topic, the film was partially financed by the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

“Aircraft are flying with no form of contaminated air detection systems. Passengers are being exposed and never told. It’s a breech of their human rights” concludes Loraine.

Filmed in England and Jordan in 2013 and 2014 on Fuji 35mm film, “A Dark Reflection” completed final post-production in early September 2014 and facilitated by Artist View Entertainment is due for worldwide release in 2015.

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