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‘Aerotoxic Syndrome - Aviation’s Darkest Secret’

We are pleased to announce the publication of ‘Aerotoxic Syndrome - Aviation’s Darkest Secret’ by Executive Producer and former BAe 146 Training Captain John Hoyte.

In 2005, after enduring 16 years of physical and mental harm caused by his job as an airline pilot, John Hoyte’s career was ended by a chronic illness. It took a year of research and networking with other mysteriously grounded aircrew to obtain a diagnosis of his debilitating symptoms. Aerotoxic Syndrome is aviation’s darkest secret, yet the cause of this toxic illness has never been formally accepted – despite it doing incalculable damage to aircrew and passengers’ health for over half a century; exposure to deadly neurotoxins that leak from jet engines into cabin air makes countless flyers seriously ill, and has led to some deaths.

But there is huge pressure on the aviation industry and its government backers to systematically deny its existence. Solutions exist for this problem but the industry would rather avoid the expense of adopting them.

Hoyte draws on his experience and that of many other professionals to reveal a compelling parallel between the tobacco and aviation industries, where basic health & safety principles are ignored, whilst profit is made at the unquestioning public’s expense.

This frank layman’s account is required reading for all those who fly in jet aircraft.

Decide which is the greater scandal - the poisoning or the cover up.

Download your free Ebook here The Aerotoxic Association is keen to further raise awareness of Aerotoxic Syndrome and its debilitating effects, so union members are welcome to share their free e-book with friends, family and colleagues. Our website www.aerotoxic.org also provides regular updates on the issue.

To protect themselves and others, face masks can be purchased from the Aerotoxic Association shop.

Thanks again for your support.

Best wishes and safe flying.

John Hoyte
Chairman Aerotoxic Association
Former BAe 146 Training Captain
27th November 2014

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