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"In 2006, at the peak of my career as an airline captain, I was ill health retired following repeated exposure to contaminated air in the cockpit of the Boeing 757 I flew. The medical evidence I presented to the UK Civil Aviation Authority was accepted without question and my licence to fly was suspended.

The toxic organophosphate tricresyl phosphate (TCP), used in jet engine oils, was found in my blood following a contaminated air exposure in-flight. TCP causes neurological damage, risk to the unborn child and possible infertility problems.

This is a very real flight safety issue, which is harming passengers and crews around the world, and one most are totally unaware of.

The legal precedent that inhaling oil fumes is harmful was set in the High Court of Australia on the 5 May 2009, in the case Joanne Turner v. Eastwest Airlines. The Australian courts found in favour of Ms. Joanne Turner in her case for compensation against her former employers for injuries resulting from exposure to heated jet engine oils."
Tristan Loraine


The film 'A Dark Reflection' is a fact based investigative thriller. A journalist digs deep into the world of aviation and discovers some uncomfortable truths. And a conspiracy trail dating back to 1954. But why is no one saying anything?

The film is generally based around the ongoing serious health and flight safety issues, which are occurring around the world on commercial aircraft, as a consequence of exposure to contaminated air.

Cabin air in modern commercial jet aircraft (excluding Boeing 787) is taken directly from the compression section of the engine. This air known as 'bleed air' is provided to passengers and crews to breathe totally unfiltered. Oil fumes from the compression section of the engine, leak into this 'bleed air' supply in varying amounts dependent on: engine design, maintenance, engine wear and other known factors.



The problem has been recognised by aviation regulators such as the FAA in the USA, EASA in Europe and others, Governments, scientists, airlines, passenger representative bodies, occupational doctors, aircraft and jet engine manufacturers, oil/lubricant manufacturers and crew unions for several decades, but passengers are NEVER informed when they are exposed.

The issue was first recognised in 1954 and the film was completed in 2014 to mark the 60th anniversary of this ongoing problem .

The following films should provide interested parties with further information:




For more general information about the issue of contaminated air please contact the Aerotoxic Association, the Global Cabin Air Quality Executive, the Occupational Health Research Consortium in Aviation [OHRCA] which produced a Guide for Health Care Providers for dealing with exposed crews and passengers, your union or your national passenger representative agency or NGO.

Doctors, regulators, scientists and other aviation interested parties wishing a more in depth understanding, may wish to review the PhD by Dr Susan Michaelis on the issue entitled: "Health and Flight Safety Implications From Exposure to Contaminated Air in Aircraft."

In February 2015, the key crew from A Dark Reflection embarked on making the definitive documemtary on the issue AEROTOXIC. This will be completed in 2017.

Fact Not Fiction Films previously produced the following three documentary films on the issue:

Angel Without Wings    2011
The indepth story of one extraordinary pilot investigating aviation's biggest cover up.
Broken Wings    2011
An in depth look at the BAe 146 aircraft and how it became the subject of an Australian Senate investigation.
Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines    2007
Exposing the one thing the airline industry never mentions in the pre-flight briefing.

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