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A journalist (GEORGINA SUTCLIFFE) discovers one of the biggest cover-ups in aviation history by chance when she starts to ask questions after her air traffic controller husband (TJ HERBERT) is suspended following a serious in-flight incident.



As the producer/director of the feature film 'A Dark Reflection', I am here to tell you now that this film will play an important role in making air travel safer for everyone who flies. It will raise awareness to an aviation health and flight safety issue that few passengers know anything about, yet has been withheld from the public for over 50 years, is the driving force behind making this film.

The film is an investigative thriller film, generally based around the ongoing serious Health and Flight Safety Implications From Exposure to Contaminated Air in Aircraft.

A year after completing the Ironman triathlon, in 2006, aged 44, I lost my medical certificate to fly as an airline captain due to repeated exposures to contaminated air on commercial aircraft. I am not alone. Passengers and crew around the world have also been exposed like I was. Some are no longer with us. I want to ensure the solutions that exist and which could protect everyone who flies become reality.

If I do not already have your support, I would be grateful if you would please consider supporting the making of the film and becoming a partner or investor, like numerous others have already done.

The film, the last feature film shot on Fuji 35mm stock, is a co-operative project. Our support ranges from industry names like Arri Media and Pinewood to The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA), the world's largest labor union organised by flight attendants for flight attendants. We also have the support of cash investors, actors, crew, suppliers and service providers. They all own the film in proportion to their investment or contribution. Cash investors are needed to cover the cost of items that cannot be secured in the co-operative model.

Since the project started on 2 January 2013, we have received very positive support in all areas but we still need more financial investors to complete the final stages of post production.

Please contact me for further details at: producer   @   adarkreflection.com.

Captain Tristan Loraine
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